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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Republican Congressman Reichert Says More Openness

"The United States is threatened by its fetish for secrecy, an expanding and often arbitrary impulse that adds 40,000 new documents each day to the federal government's mountain of 'classified' papers. That conclusion comes not from the ACLU or, though both organizations agree. It comes from Rep. Dave Reichert, a Republican from Bellevue and a former King County sheriff who is working on legislation that would refine the government's process for deciding which documents remain secret."

Open government is not a Republican or Democrat issue; some in each party are pro-disclosure and others are anti-disclosure. Open government is one of the only issues that cuts across ideological lines. Good. We need both parties and people of all viewpoints to keep government open. You need every ally you can get when you're telling government it must do things it doesn't want to do.