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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Seattle Times Editorial Unloads on Death of Taping Bill

The Seattle Times calls it like it is on the death of the taping bill. Noting that a vote on the bill would have shown who opposes the bill, the Times writes:

"If ever there were a bill that should have been brought to a public vote, it was this one. The backroom trash-talkers would not be able to run for cover. If they dared vote against the bill, they would have had to stand by their vote and take the heat from open-government advocates.

"The agents for the cities, counties, school boards — and probably even mosquito districts — wanted to make sure local elected officials had a cover in the event they strayed beyond appropriate discussion during closed-door meetings.

"Cynical? Why else would they oppose a simple measure that would have required elected officials to make recordings of their closed executive sessions?"

P.S. Mosquito control districts actually exist.