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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

! State Auditor's Performance Audit on Public Records Compliance !

Here is a draft of the State Auditor's Office performance audit of 30 state and local government agencies' Public Records Act compliance.

Some agencies did very well. Some did OK. Other agencies did horribly. It is amazing to see the different responses to the same requests from various agencies.

The report suggests concrete ways agencies can improve their public records performance. The report is a blueprint for how to fix many of the disclosure problems in the state.

Apparently the report is a draft. The Yakima Herald-Republic ran a story about the draft today so og-blog asked for a copy of it from the State Auditor's Office. The State Auditor's Office promptly emailed a PDF of it. No waiting, no denials, no run-around, no $1275 "inspection fee." Just hitting the "send" button on an email. It's like the State Auditor's Office is in the 21st century or something.