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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Updated: Sunshine Committee Chaos

This story from the Spokesman-Review describes the on-going antics of the Sunshine Committee.

Update: Here's an interesting quote in the TNT political blog from an agricultural-industry lobbyist who is trying to keep some exemptions from disclosure for that industry. He told the Sunshine Committee that the group is:

"a cynical political exercise pandering to a public perception that there should be openness in government." (emphasis added)

Yes. He said that.

The need for open government is merely a "public perception"? Is that because closed governments have such a swell history of treating people well? Name one. Anywhere in the world. At any point in human history.

A "perception" huh? We could have sworn that open government was actually the law--passed via initiative with a 72.06% "yes" vote.

Those silly little members of the public, thinking government should be open. What pipe dream will those rascally citizens think of next? Don't those little people know who is in charge?