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Sunday, March 22, 2009

AP Story on Obama-Appointee Ron Sims' Horrible Open Gov't Track Record

The AP runs this story about President Obama's appointment of King County Executive Ron Sims to a high-level position at HUD, Sims' horrible open government record highlighted by the Yousoufian case, and how that seems to conflict with the President's openness promises.

NOTE: the story, discussing the Yousoufian case, quotes two Allied attorneys:

"'Let's hope President Obama is not relying on Ron Sims to carry out the president's transparency agenda,' said attorney Greg Overstreet of Allied Law Group, which filed a friend-of-the-court brief for the news media in the case."

And then:

"Allied Law Group's Michele Earl-Hubbard, a veteran open-government attorney, said it was 'probably the most egregious case of incompetence I've seen in a very long time.'
'And the unwillingness to fix it was probably the most egregious part,' Earl-Hubbard said. 'At no time did anybody step up and say, "Hey, let's fix this. Let's stop bleeding the taxpayers."'"