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Monday, August 13, 2007

Unbelievable: County Furious at State Auditor for Performance Audit on Public Records Compliance

"State auditors carrying out 'performance audits' of government have locked horns with Thurston County officials over what one calls a sting that’s costing taxpayer money."

The horrible thing the State Auditor did? Sending out public records that looked like they came from average citizens instead of sending them on State Auditor letter head. The State Auditor did this because everyone knows that if a county received a public records request from the State Auditor they would rush around and provide the records quickly and completely--because the State Auditor was asking for them. But an average citizen would get the run-around. And that's what the State Auditor's Office was trying to find out: How is an average citizen treated. Isn't that a fair question? Isn't finding out how average citizens are treated one of the things performance audits are supposed to find out?

Why the venom from Thurston County toward the State Auditor? If Thurston County is following the law, they have nothing to hide ...

Click here to email Thurston County Commissioner Diane Oberquell, the one who is screaming at the State Auditor, to provide your thoughts.

P.S. Once again proving open government is not a partisan issue, it is worth noting that the pro-open government official here, Brian Sonntag, is a Democrat but so is the anti-open government official, Diane Oberquell.