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Friday, September 28, 2007

Public Records Show ... School Officials Fail to Report Crimes on School Grounds

The Seattle P-I reports that Seattle School District officials failed to report to police, among other things, the alleged sexual assault of a developmentally disabled girl by fellow students. Reporting crimes on school grounds to the police probably generates a lot of paperwork for school officials so it's better that student-criminals instead receive a stern warning that their felonies ought to stop or they might be in big trouble--like cleaning the chalk board after school for every felony or something like that. At least there's less paperwork. Whew. What a relief for parents of student-victims.

How could the P-I learn this and then let the public know (so maybe it can be corrected)?

"A Seattle P-I review of police and Seattle Public Schools records shows that case isn't the only likely crime that wasn't reported to police. While a majority of incidents on school campuses were recorded into the district's safety and security logs and reported to police if necessary, some incidents weren't -- including cases of assaults and strong-arm robberies."

Remember which groups are often the most vocally opposed to the Public Records Act: school districts and teacher unions. Wonder why.